Within the broad organisation of sister companies, Medcor Specials works under the umbrella of the Medcor Group. The organisation is flat and works in accordance with the method developed by Medcor.

The Medcor Group employs more than 80 professionals who work every day on the same mission: to be a trusted, flexible and commercially competitive partner and ensure service-focussed collaboration with the client.

Our team is constantly looking for unique products and innovative services for wholesalers and pharmacies, who can serve doctors using our wide range of special preparations and as a result of which patients can ultimately rely on being prescribed the correct medicines. Medcor Specials has modern, fully-equipped premises, configured entirely to our special range of products. You can be confident that we are fully compliant with all requirements. The licences we hold can be downloaded from our website.

Please contact us – we’ll be pleased to help.